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Email Editor overview

Email editor in Email Templates

  • - The above video shows a sample of the email editor and it's capabilities in email templates editor.
  • - when user types {{ a variable browser will automatically open and shows all the queried variables.
  • - The search will happen on variable name and the description it self so it made sense to use web worker to offload the search from main thred.

Incoming call experience on desktop app.

Incoming call in electron app

  • - The incoming call and floating call window is written in vanilla JS and the main window is in React.js.

Video player in conversation analytics - Coming soon...

  • - POC with

Audio player for call recordings - Coming soon...

Audio player in React for sellular call recording

  • - POC with
  • - WIKI for React.js implementation.


  • - Comment for recording
  • - Buffer-able audio player - Play audio as soon as we get the metadata of audio. waveform will be drawn later.
  • - Audio timeline to participants timeline sync.


  • - Right click on audio waveform to add comments - context menu will show the options.

Desktop app settings

Desktop app settings

  • - The audio analyzer is done via web-audio API and the output volume control will control the system volume.

Mobile MMS - Coming soon...

Mobile recent Activity - Coming soon...

Mobile settings (pwd change, feedback etc...) - Coming soon...

Web app calling with widgets - Coming soon...

Web app messaging with widgets - Coming soon...