Software Development Engineer

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Employment History

Jul 2020 - Present

  • Working in Sellular team as SDE-2
  • Worked on all product's tech stack verticals - Desktop App with Electron, Web App with React.js, Backend(Python) with Flask and Django for core and email services with Postgres and Mobile app in React Native and Chrome Extension for Gmail Email composer.
  • - Owns Email composer/editor(RTE) on UI across the application.
  • - Took API approach to implement email editor using Quill.js and totally customized according to the Sellular design system Implemented variables support for email composer with Autocomplete as user types, syntax validations and incorrect variables usage detection to mark incorrect usage with an error state. Used web workers for Autocomplete feature as the search functionality blocks the main thread and hinders the user flow.
  • - Responsible for Email Templates and Asynchronous manual emails sending on the Frontend and Backend.
  • - Owns Multiple Participants Calls(Conference Calls) feature on Frontend
  • - Responsible for opt-out/unsubscribe feature from the sellular side on both Frontend and Backend.
  • - Owns Emails, Emails threads, Settings, and WebAudio(Device audio analysis and control on Mac and Windows) analysis.
  • - Owns Settings, Multi Media Messaging, Calling in Mobile App (React Native) of Sellular
  • - Implemented entire calling feature on Sellular Mobile App. Used React Native modules in android for device audio control and Firebase for push notifications
  • - Converted conditionally rendered React.js Chrome extension app to the routed app using react-router v5. (i.e while migrating app to web-app)
  • - Had implemented several POCs for application before implementing the features.

Mar 2019 — Feb 2020

  • - Developed Checkout for E-commerce from scratch for both mobile and desktop, driven into production within a month.
  • - Developed Rating and Reviews features for mobile and desktop.
  • - Developed Refer and Earn feature mobile. Payment Integration with PayU and PhonePe.
  • - Maintained the whole E-commerce website for 4 months with lots of bug clearance and revamps and increased page speed in google page speed index.

Dec 2018 — Mar 2019

  • - Developed a Web Application that helps restaurants and vendors to trade their products online.
  • - Used MVC Architecture with IIFE Pattern to develop the application.
  • - Vendor Application - Screenshots|Preview
  • - Digital Menu Application - Screenshots|Preview