Software Development Engineer

+91 94934 64869

Employment History

Jul 2020 - Present

  • Founding Engineer in sellular team, contributing as both Frontend and Fullstack Engineer

    • Contributed across all tech verticals within the Sellular team, Utilizing Electron for the desktop app (vanilla JS & React), Web/Admin App (React), Chrome Extension (vanilla JS), Mobile App (React-Native), and Backend (Flask for core service, Django for Email, tasks, etc.).
  • Owned the Email composer/editor (RTE) on the UI across the application.

  • Contributed to the Electron app:

  • Revamped the calling and messaging experience in the web application:

    • Transformed them into widgets rather than having separate screens.
  • Owned Email templates, Teams, opt-out (unsubscribe), and the Asynchronous email sending features end-to-end as a full-stack developer.

  • Owned Settings, Multi Media Messaging, Calling (Android) in Mobile App (React Native) of Sellular.

  • Owned other complex UI features like:

    • Call Recording - Audio media player (waveform).
    • Meeting video - Video media player (like loom & gong) along with comments, reactions, and chapters feature like

Mar 2019 — Feb 2020

  • Spearheaded the development of a comprehensive checkout system for both mobile and desktop platforms, successfully launching it into production within a month.
  • Took ownership of key features including Rating and Review, Refer and Earn, and Payment Integration with PayU.
  • Adapted the web app to seamlessly integrate with PhonePe switch apps, providing users with personalized offers when shopping using PhonePe.
  • Played a pivotal role in improving user experience by optimizing layouts and implementing features on the Product Listing and Product Details pages, ensuring seamless navigation for users interacting with product-related content. Additionally, assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the entire E-commerce website for a period of six months, conducting thorough bug clearance, implementing strategic revamps, and significantly enhancing the page speed, as reflected in the Google Page Speed Index.

Dec 2018 — Mar 2019

  • Developed a Web Application that helps restaurants and vendors to trade their products online. Used MVC Architecture with IIFE Pattern to develop the application.
  • Vendor Application - Screenshots|Preview
  • Digital Menu Application - Screenshots|Preview